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Limoncello Organic Lemons

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  • Delicious and Sweet Sun Drenched Wax Free Lemons.
  • The Best Nature has to offer! Perfect for making Limoncello. (See our recipe page.)
  • Fresh, Juicy and Tart. Lemons from Organic Mountain are guaranteed to be the absolute best lemons at the peak of freshness. 

Limoncello  is truly the best tasting Italian liqueur originating in the Gulf of Naples region of Italy.  This recipe is over 100 years old.  Lemon peels (zest), without the pith, are steeped in pure alcohol until the lemon oil is released, then mixed with simple syrup. If you vary the sugar to water ratio you can adjust the flavor.

Keep refrigerated. Glassware and Liqueur not included.   

Please note: these are U.S. grown lemons, not Serrano lemons, from Sorrento, Italy.






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